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Noah's Ark - Mohd Raees & Mohd Imran

Artisan Organization: Noah's Ark - Mohd Raees & Mohd Imran

Country: India

The artisans who worked on this enamel colander are Mohd Raees, age 27, and Mohd Imran, age 25. After Mohd Raees’ father passed away, he decided to quit his studies in order to provide for his mother and two sisters. Mohd Raees is thankful to work with GlobeIn, as he hopes to use the money he made on this project to pay for the marriages of his two sisters. Only after he has provided for his sisters, he also plans to get married.

Life has not been easy for Mohd Imran, as he switched from one workshop to another over his early career. However, he has found a home during the last 3 years working with Noah’s Ark. Mohd Imran’s talent lies in product and sample development. Due to this project, Mohd Imran has earned enough money to pay for his ailing parents for 4 months, and simultaneously save some money toward his dream of buying a house and getting married."