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Noah's Ark - Farzana Parveen

Artisan Organization: Noah's Ark - Farzana Parveen 

Country: India

Farzana Parveen, age 37, mother of 4 boys, manager of her house, and de facto cook at all family functions, is on top of all that also the creator of your new lantern. When she was married, she did not know any crafts, but her husband taught her how. Together, they have established their very own workshop.

Growing up, Farzana had always wanted to get an education, but her society forbid her from studying past the 8th grade. As she was the eldest in her family, her parents placed her in an arranged marriage at the age of 22. Although she was unable to fulfill her own desires for an education, Farzana’s dream has become for her sons to be well-educated. Her work in the workshop gives her agency in making this dream come true.

Suggested use: Place a candle inside and bring some romance to an evening tea time.