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Noah's Ark - Farzana Begum

Artisan Organization: Noah's Ark - Farzana Begum

Country: India

This Fruit Basket Hanger is made from upcycled saris, which are cleaned, twisted into strands, and then woven. These saris were made in a small, remote village called Bagga in Moradabad, India. In this artisan group, all the weaving is finished by women. The 6 female artisans weaving in this group have learned their skills from multiple generations of female weavers. Farzana manages a team of 6 female artisans and oversees the production process. Her husband, Intizar, is also an artisan. Together, Farzana and Intizar have four children; two boys and two girls, ages 10 to 17, who all attend school. According to Farzana and Intizar, “we are very happy to receive orders from GlobeIn as this will help us to complete the extension of our house.” They also have a small farm where they grow their crops and raise buffalo for milk for their family’s use. Farzana hopes that the orders will grow so that they “may continue to provide benefits to the women in their workshop.”

Suggested use: This is a unique and inventive alternative to fruit storage. Adding a sustainable and unbelievably colorful conversation-piece to your kitchen.

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