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Noah's Ark - Dilshad Hussain

Artisan Organization: Noah's Ark - Dilshad Hussain 

Country: India

Meet Dilshad Hussain, a stainless steel artisan from just outside Moradabad, India! Dilshad is a member of the artisan group called "Noah's Ark," a local venture that provides a community for hundreds of artisans and their families!

Dilshad creates many of the stainless steel cutlery seen in our GlobeIn shop. He's skilled at forging, welding, and polishing steel to create gorgeous knives, cheese spreaders, and utensils that we love! Dilshad earns his entire income from his artisan work. He is able to provide for his family for several months from the income generated by GlobeIn’s Delish Box.

Dilshad says if he had his wildest dream granted, he wishes to “start a school at my ancestral village for poor people,” as well as give his children the best education and have “good [quality] orders” that allow him to provide for his family.