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Noah's Ark - Basu Dev Nayak

Artisan Organization: Noah's Ark - Basu Dev Nayak

Country: India

Before reaching Basu Dev Nayak’s hands for final painting, the Apricot Splatter Enamel Plate starts in a metal crafting workshop as a stainless steel piece. The piece is then cut according to the specified size, and pressed to give its shape. The stainless steel pieces are then polished and coated before being sent to Basu’s workshop of excellent artisans.

Basu is an expert painter who migrated to Noah’s Ark’s workshop in Moradabad a few years ago from Orissa. He wanted to pursue his passion for art and create his own living from it. At first it was hard because he migrated to Moradabad alone, leaving his family in Orissa. He would take one trip a year to visit and only stay for roughly two months before returning to Moradabad. After saving up his fair trade wages through Noah’s Ark, Basu was finally able to relocate his family closer so he may see his daughter grow up beside him. Basu says that she has a really keen interest in singing. Us here at GlobeIn can only imagine her voice is as beautiful as her father’s creations. Thank you, Basu!

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