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Noah's Ark - Asha Devi and Praduman

Artisan Organization: Noah's Ark - Asha Devi and Praduman

Country: India

Your new chest is made in 2 different workshops in India! The wooden chest case is produced at Mohd Anwar Workshop in Saharanpur, India. One of the artisans who worked on your new piece is Asha Devi, an artisan in woodworking for the last 10 years. Asha is 46 years old and her main job is to fasten joints and hand-finish the pieces so that they shine bright and new. Asha was married at a very early age, and because of this she was unable to finish her schooling. At this point, she started working as an artisan to provide for her family. She reports that “this order [by] GlobeIn has given me a chance to buy new thing[s] for my home,” like a refrigerator and freezer, and more importantly, according to her “I can [now] have ice cream whenever I want.”

Second, the drawers are made from blue pottery in Khurja, India. They are shaped, painted, and then baked in a kiln to harden. Blue pottery, a traditional Indian trade, is a bit different than ceramic as it is very delicate. One of the painters who worked on your new drawers, Praduman, migrated to Khurja from another state in order to earn better wages with Noah’s Ark. He loves to listen to music and travel once a year to his native village to visit his family for a month. He reports that “this order by GlobeIn [gave] him [the opportunity] to save money to travel to his village by taking a flight,” an uncommon and special occurrence for lower-wage workers in India.