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Noah's Ark - Anil Kumar

Artisan Organization: Noah's Ark - Anil Kumar

Country: India

Say hello to Anil Kumar! Anil is 29 years old and is one of our enamel-painting partners who helped create your beautiful stacked tiffin! Anil lives in India, where he works as a craftsman to sustain himself and his family, including his parents, wife and two kids.

Anil has worked in this specialized craft for the last nine years. At first, it proved difficult for Anil to find consistent work in his specialty in the remote state of Odisha. So, Anil moved to Moradabad in search of employment where he was hired by Noah's Ark. Working for our Fair Trade partner allows Anil regular employment, which is consistently supported by GlobeIn's orders.

Anil supports his parents remotely in Odisha, and last year also earned enough to build his family a home! He is very proud of working with GlobeIn through Noah's Ark, as it allows his wife to stay home to raise their children and provide them with an education.