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Nitin Kumar Jha

Artisan Organization: Nitin Kumar Jha

Country: India

"I was born in a small village in Bihar. I am a very hard-working, humorous and honest man.

"My village is like a family and many people there practice Madhubani art. I learned from my grandmother and she has also taught other family members. I began creating small paintings when I was 12. Two years later, I was able to make large paintings.

"I taught my younger sister this art and she paints with me. I've also taught my neighbors and their children, who now earn a living through art.

"It was very hard when we started out. We had very little information and there was a lack of communication with the buyers as well as with the market where we were sold our paintings.

"In my town, there are about 15 to 20 artists who have inherited the same craft and have set up independently within the same village. It was tough to compete with them and find a place of my own. Although it was difficult, now I enjoy it very much.

"We use handmade paper and to prepare the colors with all natural ingredients. My family helps me make the colors at home and we all share them.

"I derive my inspiration from the Ramayana and the Mahabharata. My art brings me immense satisfaction.""