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Nilda Amaro Oscanoa

Artisan Organization: Nilda Amaro Oscanoa

Country: Peru

"I was born in a city famous tapestries of intricate techniques are our tradition. I inherited my art from my ancestors; ever since I can remember I have seen every one of my relatives weaving: great-grandparents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins and brothers. On occasion my mother, Eleuteria Oscanoa Montes, helps me to design and produce my weavings, and signs her work EOM. She continues to serve as an inspiration and support.

"That is to say, I grew up amid looms and sheep's wool. From when I was little I have loved passing the thread through the loom, imagining a bedcover for my doll. As I grew up the game became an obligation - my brothers and I had to collaborate with our parents in order to complete the tasks that the handicrafts stores gave my parents. This is how I discovered my style.

"I enjoy making Cubist-style designs inspired by our folklore and everyday scenes from my village. To weave the tapestries I use sheep's wool, which I color with natural dyes such as tara, walnut, and one derived from the cochineal insect, etc. Currently I am living in the city and I am married.""