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Neetu Barathi

Artisan Organization: Neetu Barathi

Country: India

"I come from a beautiful city in Gujarat, where I was born in 1984. As a child, I was mesmerized by our beautiful and intricate silver jewelry. I knew I wanted to do something interesting and decided to learn the art of designing jewelry.

"When I started, I knew nothing about this art. I signed up for some classes and, with hard work and determination, I learned. And it has given me the ability to prove myself and has boosted my confidence in succeeding in life.

"I began designing sterling silver jewelry and, with my brother's valuable advice, I was able to establish myself in this field. I work beside my brother who looks after the crafting processes while I design new pieces. A team of skilled artisans collaborate with us to give shape to my designs.

"My jewelry is both traditional and modern, and we create new designs everyday. We begin with raw silver and transform it into beautiful wearable art with colorful gemstones.

"What I like best about this craft is how it takes my mind in different directions to come up with new designs. I get my inspiration from family and friends, and my workshop helps provide job opportunities in the community. I hope to keep going until I touch the sky!""