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Motilal and Ayush

Artisan Organization: Motilal and Ayush

Country: India

"Hello friends, we are Motilal and Ayush. We are a father/son duo from Jaipur, Rajasthan, and we have been working together for many years now.

"My father Motilal, who is now in his 50s, has been in the craft sector for 30 years. I get unending inspiration from him every single day. Itβ€šΓ„Γ΄s such a lovely feeling for me to be working with my father. We come from a family of artisans and I aspire to carry forward this traditional art and showcase it to the whole world.

"My family has been involved in handicrafts for generations. I remember my grandfather was a fine wood carver and so are my father and my uncles. So naturally, I developed a keen interest in handicrafts and decided to pursue it as my career too. I did not limit myself to wooden handicrafts only but also extended my expertise in marble handicrafts.

"Today, in this fast-moving world it is very sad to see many ancient, traditional fine art forms dying as people are not aware of them. I aspire to bring these art forms in front of the world so that the people associated with them can be appreciated and encouraged to keep them alive.

"Both I and my father dream of creating beautiful products with a traditional touch so as to keep our tradition alive and at the same time make unique products. Both my father and I have a great passion for wooden carvings, and this is what has brought us this far. We have a workshop where, with our team of artisans, we create amazing products. Working with us provides our team of artisans employment and a bright future, keeping the tradition alive."

Motilal says that he is so happy to see his son Ayush working full-heartedly to keep this legacy going--a legacy that he and his father started and that he hopes continues for many more generations to come.

"We are thankful to Novica for providing us a platform to showcase our talent and work to the whole world. We hope that Novica customers appreciate our talent and work." "