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Artisan Organization: Moo and Aud

Country: Thailand

"Hello! We're Moo and Aud, and we grew up in Phare (in upper northern Thailand). For almost 15 years, we've had a decorative wood store in Baan Tawai. We met in Phare and then relocated to Chiang Mai." Moo studied business administration in Bangkok before moving to America to work in a restaurant, while Aud studied in Lampang.

Moo's parents taught him how to trade, and he traded Thai silk at Phare. "Our business began when an older sister and other relatives arrived. Baan Tawai was very popular with tourists and we began selling items." They began to open their shop at Baan Tawai when Aud completed his bachelor's degree, and Moo returned from the United States.

Some items came from Phare, but the majority came from Chiang Mai. "We saw great opportunities to build a shop because there were many foreigners here, and once they learned they could speak in English with our shop, they simply ordered what they needed from their home country. We've been looking for natural materials that complement the craftsmanship of our craftspeople.

"When COVID arrived, our shop was still operating for some customers' orders, but some of our craftsmen resigned due to economics. So we now have around ten craftsmen in Chiang Mai, including a teak wood carpenter, a raintree wood carpenter, a painter, and so on.

"We still live with our four children and are pleased with our business. Although the pandemic and the economy have made it difficult, we intend to continue. We hope that, despite the loss of many shops at Baan Tawai, this location will become popular with tourists again in the future. And we wish that Novica will be a terrific outlet for us to share our distinct Thai skills with the rest of the globe. Thank you kindly.""