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Miguel Díaz

Artisan Organization: Miguel Díaz

Country: Mexico

"Mythology and our culture allow us to show the material and intangible heritage of my ancestors and all of our Wixarika culture through our crafts.

"With my family, I learned to craft our beadwork art. My mother, brothers and I made figures with beads and costume jewelry. Along the way, I have found myself in difficult scenarios.

"I left my community and moved to the city to finish my studies. It was necessary to learn and adapt, since there were quite marked contrasts. After that, I had to learn through experience and perseverance, reviewing the materials we use in order to finally create something beyond a craft form — something that could convey the great meaning and worldview of my culture.

"Some of the materials I use are the beeswax that works as glue, colorful seed beads, ceramic, clay and fiberglass, among others. The colors that the beads provide allow me to capture a never-ending panorama of elements in my designs.

"As I create a figurine, the meaning of each design motif I depict is fundamental. I am personally in charge of completely elaborating the piece, taking care that each element has a reason and shows our Wixarika worldview. And this is what inspires me to continue creating.

"More than simple handicrafts, it is gratifying to make Mexican culture known through my work. This generates more popularity for Wixarika art and, with that, come economic benefits for our community, thanks to a greater demand for it.

"I hope that my work increases, and that the value of this craftsmanship becomes known worldwide, but always with the vital importance of our cosmovision.""

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