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Meru Devraj and Kanti Bhen

Artisan Organization: Meru Devraj and Kanti Bhen

Country: India

Meru Devraj and his wife Kanti Bhen hail from a village in the Bhuj district. They are heirs to their respective families' legacy in embroidery and patchwork, which has been handed down from generation to generation.

"I was still in school when I started learning this art work. I was so mesmerized by how colors converge into a magnificent work of art. You see, we were a big joint family with so many brothers and sister, uncle and aunties, all living in the same house. So it was all in the family: a family at work, family tradition," says Meru as he recalls patches of colorful cloths flying around. "It was great! And with so many siblings in the family, I never felt the need to have any friends. I would play with my brothers. When I got to be 15 years old, I joined my family in this craft. Five years later I married my wife Kanti Bhen, herself an expert in this same field. I feel I was destined to be in this craft and when Kanti came to our family, she brought her unique gift of embroidery work.

"Many families in our village are dedicated to this craft. Mostly, men do the patchwork and stitching part while the women do the embroidery work. My wife is so talented and amazing in her work. She does the embroidery along with the women in the family. We specialize in bedspreads, quilts, cushion covers, wall hangings and handbags, and I am so proud to say that the beauty in each and every piece comes to life with the exquisite embroidery on it. My wife and I have participated in several exhibitions across the country.

"Kanti is a National Awardee in Kantha embroidery.

"Along with my wife and other women in our family, there are about 30 artisans working with us. We are proud to be a part of Novica, and I am sure our products will receive many admirers and appreciators across the globe.""