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Artisan Organization:Mbare


Since 1997 Mbare has been supplying a unique collection of handcrafted products made from natural and recycled materials, sourced from all over Africa. Our focus is on modern global style with an African touch and our offering is focused on quality and attention to detail - we pride ourselves on supplying “the best that Africa has to offer”. In the language of the Shona People of Zimbabwe, mbare (pronounced “im-bah-ree”) means “a gathering of things” or “marketplace”. Robbie Stewart, the founder and president of Mbare grew up in Harare, Zimbabwe. Mbare was born out of Robbie’s vision to provide sustainable sources of income for people and communities outside of the formal economy, and has always believed that Africa needs trade, not aid. “I have always had an appreciation for local art found at roadside markets, in urban workshops, or at the homes of talented craftspeople. The artistic skills that these artists possess are often passed down through generations and represent an invaluable accumulation of knowledge and talent. Getting to know families that engage in this work has been a privilege for me.”"