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Artisan Organization: Mayda

Country: Bali and Java

Mayda is a friendly and happy woman who is always smiling. I was born in East Java, she says. My hobby is making designs in my sketch book.

When I was little, I loved to draw houses, landscapes and the human figure. These then changed to dresses, bags, jewelry and other fashion sketches when I became a teenager, and I still sketch these themes today.

After I graduated from the university, I moved to Bali and worked in a garment company for two years. There I could really develop my hobby of fashion design and I learned more about clothing.

Although I've lived in Bali since 2000, I haven't forgotten my village in Java. Together with several friends, I formed a group of people there to create home decor items, fashion accessories like bags and jewelry, and also dresses. Until now, our shoppers were local people. But today we can show our work internationally."