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Matr Boomie Woodcarving

Artisan Organization:
 Matr Boomie

Country: India

Shamshad is one of the youngest artisans in the woodcarving workshop based in North India. He specializes in woodcarving products and originally learned the craft from his elder brother.

Shamshad starts his process with chopping a wooden block into a small round cylinder. Then he transfers it to a seasoning plant for treatment against any pests that may be burrowed inside. The wooden cylinder is then returned, cut into the shape of the mirror design, and a mirror is inserted between the solid and hollow parts of the wood. Both ends are secured with glue and polished along the edges for a smooth finish. The markings are done for the flower design and is meticulously carved out by hand before it goes through a final paint rub and polishing process, which reveals the pattern.