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Matr Boomie Wood and Bone

Artisan Organization:
 Matr Boomie

Country: India

This bone and wood product was produced by Aftab Ali Khan, who specializes in producing products out of wood and bone materials. Aftab wanted his audience to know that the seasoning and carving behind the spoon is done on mango wood, which is a popular yet sustainable wood source that is commonly found in India. In recent years orders from the international market have greatly supported his work, especially those facilitated by GlobeIn.

Cows in India are considered sacred creatures by the Hindu population, and thus beef is not eaten. Cows walk around freely in India, and just as any other animal, will eventually pass away with time. The bone from naturally expired cattle is upcycled and scavenged to make beautiful products. Thus not only is your product Fair Trade, but also sustainably harvested!