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Matr Boomie Terracotta

Artisan Organization:
 Matr Boomie

Country: India

Mohan Laal Kumhar started his journey as a potter 30 years ago, and has since achieved many awards at the local and state levels. The painstaking process behind the making terracotta products starts with refining the clay by removing dust particles for a smoother surface. Raw materials such as sand and mitti-clay or then added to the clay with water to prepare the dough. Here is where Mohan’s masterskill gets put into action, by the throwing process on the potter’s wheel. He places the clay at the center of the wheel, then pedals to rotate the table while he starts to shape the clay into its form. He is constantly separating different parts, then rejoining them back together, while smoothing the outer surface, all while the wheel is rotating - amazing! Once the product is formed, it is allowed to dry under the sun for 2-3 before it is fired in the bhatti to retain its shape. Finally, a food-grade lacquer is applied to the dish before it is ready to be shipped to its forever home.

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