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Martha Fonseca

Artisan Organization: Martha Fonseca

Country: Mexico

"Creating a piece of handcrafted art requires interest, taste and affection.

"From a very young age, I learned this wonderful art of using crochet hooks and thread thanks to my mother. Life has been splendid with me. I was blessed with a unique mother father and and six brothers and sisters, so I was raised in a happy family environment. We had wonderful times full of fantastic anecdotes, with strong values but always free. I couldn't ask for more.

"Over the years, my crocheting skills have grown along with me. I dare say it is very satisfying and relaxing work. It requires hours of practice, especially if one seeks to specialize, as is my case. I specialize in the creation of amigurumis, small crocheted dolls of different animals. This is thanks to a great friend who gave me the 'golden key' to this expressive art that I enjoy so much. I started making them for fun. Crocheting keeps me in subtle contact with my mother. I would give them as gifts and they were widely accepted until, one day, my children suggested 'why not sell them?'

"As with any project, I've had good and bad moments, but I've never lost the pleasure and love of making these meticulous creations. I'd like them to be known across borders so people can enjoy them as much as I do. I use simple materials — yarn, thread, hooks, needles, buttons and silicone. Sometimes I also recycle and reuse materials.

"Life itself, through its colors and shapes, has given me the inspiration to create. There is nothing about my work that I dislike, since I firmly believe that inner happiness makes us creative. In this way we manage to capture that joy in our works. And I become aware of the commitment and interest reflected in the final result, when the piece in which I invested so many hours is finished. I consider this art to be rare, beautiful, deep and meaningful.""