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Marina Lopez

Country: Mexico

Marina comes from a family of backstrap loom weavers who are known for their cotton bags, belts, camera straps, and jewelry. From the culturally rich Oaxaca region in southern Mexico, Marina is passionate about her Hispanic heritage and culture. She learned to weave at a very young age and takes pride in teaching those skills to her children, who she hopes will pass down the family's art to future generations. 

Using a simple backstrap loom, Marina is able to weave complex and beautiful patterns and images into her designs. When working in mixed media for her decorative jewelry, Marina uses all found or recycled materials, and integrates the weaving with the aesthetic design of the piece. In selling her items, she hopes to share Oaxaca's textile traditions with the rest of the world. 

Thanks to the money she has earned through GlobeIn, Marina has been able to save up enough over the past year to complete construction on a small house.