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Marianela Vargas

Artisan Organization: Marianela Vargas

Country: Peru

"I was born in Lima in 1969," says jeweler Marianela Vargas Balarezo. "I learned my art through private classes and workshops but, from the time I was a child, I loved jewelry. I always felt a special need to make my own.

"I went through a period when my health was a problem and, while I recovered, I looked for something to pass the time. It seemed like a good idea to do something I liked while learning something new. One day when I was out for a walk, I noticed a place that offered classes in jewelry making. I never even thought about it. I signed up and I was hooked. That was in 2003 and today I am still creating new designs filled with life.

"I'd describe my work as expressive. I enjoy extroverted designs. It's a wonderful form of self expression and time just flies when I'm working. I like to use a variety of silver crafting techniques that show how beautiful it is.

"I love creating, combining and producing beautiful things. I couldn't stop now if I tried. My health was my greatest challenge but it led me into this world of art.

"I hope you appreciate my art and the dedication that goes into each piece. I hope our Peruvian art is noticed in every corner of the world."

Marianela's jewelry has been recognized in Peru o a number of occasions as well as In the International Jewelry Show in Hong Kong."