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Artisan Organization: Maria Isabel Cruz

Country: Central America

"I am a ceramic artist, and I am interested in capturing the Talavera technique in my high-fired pieces, transmitting a painting into a simple piece that is full of color. A very good friend gave me the opportunity to learn this technique and its beautiful details, from how to find the best ceramics to the method of creating texture in each piece and the secrets of the colors.

"What has been the most challenging for me has been implementing a structure in my creative process, from the design to the presentation. Each piece represents tradition, dreams, the identity of our nation (as with Frida) or beautiful animals.

"I want to characterize my work as a different way of presenting Talavera, giving it an abstract touch that is filled with color, imbuing each piece with a more profound message. My designs touch the tradition of Mexico, its mysticism, and its beautiful animals.

"Dolores Hidalgo is very rich in the Talavera technique. This gave me a great advantage in learning. The materials that we work with are ceramic and enamels, and the forms for the base. The key was practicing over and over again. Discipline is the key for any dream.

"I feel a great gratification each time that a piece is sold. That is when I talk about the piece they like, which encourages me to create more colorful and unique designs.

"I would say that my talent is natural, since I have not had any formal studies to back up my technique. My objective is to establish my dreams and export my pieces for the world to know my work and be inspired by it. I am very touched by this alliance with NOVICA. I know that it is a great emotional path.""