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Margarita Revilla

Artisan Organization: Margarita Revilla

Country: Mexico

“Hi, I'm Margarita Revilla. Starting a business on your own is difficult and requires time and a lot of effort; at times I felt mixed feelings and some uncertainty. I started this project very young. I have studied Industrial Design, where I learned different techniques. The reality is that practice is the key to everything.

“I have the need to create and invent different things. It was then that I decided to work on what I am passionate about--developing and creating pieces, perfecting and working on different techniques and trends, defending my own work. I currently have my own workshop and gallery. I feel blessed, fulfilled and most importantly, I work satisfactorily. In this type of art, the materials are moldable: aluminum of different calibers, wood, glass paper, clay, patinas, acrylic paints, cardboard. You can do endless things. Once the design is finished, we cut the aluminum pieces; then they go through the engraving process, and finally integrate and assemble the piece.

“I like to transmit the best energy for my work, so that my pieces tell you something, remind you of someone, or take you through nature and the world in which we live. Now I am very satisfied to pursue my dreams and do what I like; that is truly the correct thing to do.”"