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Manuela Hernandez

Artisan Organization: Manuela Hernandez

Country: Mexico

"I'm a textile artisan from a small Maya town in the highlands of Chiapas. Friends say I'm an honest and hardworking person. I love to dress well.

"My grandmother taught me everything I know about weaving and, today, I try to pass this tradition on to my own family.

"I really like this work. I've done it since I was ten years old and I've never stopped weaving. My favorite technique uses the backstrap loom and, with the practice I have today, I find it easier because it was very difficult at first. My materials are cotton and yarns.

"My inspiration comes from nature, in my cultural roots and our ancestors. In my community, there are greenhouses where different kinds of flowers are grown and this is why our regional embroidery traditionally uses floral motifs.

"I've faced complicated moments over the years, as there aren't many places to sell my art and it's been a little difficult to get ahead. But when my sales are good, especially during vacations, I feel happy.

"I hope to continue working as I have up to now or even more, if possible, to help more artisans sell their weavings and help the community in this way.

"With your help, I can share my work with more people and continue creating new designs filled with color.""