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Made Sudiari

Artisan Organization: Made Sudiari

Country: Indonesia

"I'm Made Sudiari and from Bali. I am the second of four children. Almost all of the people in my hometown craft silver jewelry. My parents were farmers, but my siblings and I worked by helping our neighbors make jewelry to raise money for our school tuition and food.

"I've worked since the second grade, first soldering and preparing materials. When I was in the sixth grade, I was able to create jewelry myself.

"People say I'm a quiet, diligent and firm woman. I like cooking and yoga. I married a high school classmate, a good man who gave me two children.

"After getting married, we didn't have any money since we spent it on the wedding and blessing our parents' houses. We both worked hard making jewelry and saving the money we earned until we finally had enough to start on our own. I would work while holding my babies, and could only focus on work at midnight while everyone else slept. Having children has meant more responsibilities by taking care them until they are strong and self-sufficient. I want to make sure my children's future will be better than mine.

"My husband, children and five workers help me. Like other traditional silversmiths, we use manual tools like scissors, a stove, tweezers, solder and more. I use sterling silver, gold, and gemstones that are easy to find here.""