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Made Sadia

Artisan Organization: Made Sadia

Country: Bali and Java

"I was born in 1966 to a family of farmers in Bali. I'm the younger of two children. We had to work from the time I was still an elementary school so we could pay our school fees ourselves.

"Our town is famous with its art forms such as the paintings and wood carvings produced by the people here.

"I'm a married man. I really love my wife Nuliyati and we've been blessed with two sons. Having children pushed me to be a hard worker and focus on our future plans for the sake of my family.

"There was a time when we were in a very limited financial situation, but my family encourages me to be stronger and tougher so finally we'll be able to pass the hard times. Always keep fighting, be patient, and pray to God for the best.

"Before becoming involved with the arts, I was just a paper boy. Today, I'm more interested in the furniture while my wife works in wood carving.

"Furniture has great potential in Bali since we have many hotels, villas and restaurants. At first, I just received commissions from customers and produced their designs but now, years later, we are able to craft our own original designs, as well.

"I work with the help of three family members and eight assistants. We use only common traditional tools like hand drills, hand saws and hand polish-machine. We are trying to create new designs with innovations.""