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Made Mustika

Artisan Organization: Made Mustika

Country: Indonesia

"Hello, my name is Made Mustika, and I was born in Celuk Bali in 1965. Celuk is a village that is famous for its silver crafts, since 80% of the people work with silver. I'm the 6th child of 7 siblings from a silversmithing family. During my childhood, my father taught me about this business, and when I was still in the 3rd year of elementary school I was already able to create a ring. My parents always supported their children to be more creative, innovative and also to be self-sufficient people. They also said that we cannot live alone, but need support from others and also to help others.

"After I learned everything from my father about the silver trade, I learned from my neighbors until I really understood the craft and could produce many products. Then I worked as a silversmith so I could pay my own school fees until I graduated from a university.

"I'm married and have 3 daughters; that means plenty of expenses and responsibility. My life is no longer just for myself; everything must be coordinated with them. As I get older, my time is running out with so many things to take care of and solve. They can be family problems or business problems, but I face them with a smile and a full heart.

"I work with the help of 5 silversmiths and also some relatives. I manage them according to their skills and talents. The materials that I commonly use besides sterling silver are gemstones and pearls. We can find those materials easily here, since almost people in this village are silversmiths and sell jewelry. We still work with manual methods using traditional tools as derived from our ancestors. These methods are part of Bali's heritage that we are proud of and will try to preserve. Our items always connect to our local tradition and culture.""