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Artisan Organization: Luitpol

Country: Andes

Latest Update

"I have been part of the Novica family for almost 11 years, and I have been evolving as an artist thanks to the support and sales on their platforms and virtual stores.

"The pieces are improving from time to time. With a lot of effort I got my workshop going and I had to make sacrifices not only financially but also personally. I am very inspired by art in all its expressions. I am interested in transmitting all possible sensitivity through my metal pieces. I create, invent and work in my own workshop since I started until today.

"For 11 years, we have not stopped with sales and production; we have been growing as a company and as people. Novica represents a family for me. It has given me a window to the world, sharing our talent, and I feel very grateful."

Original Artist Story

"My name is Luitpol Ruiz Gaviria, born on May 8, 1969. I graduated as a graphic designer but the nature of my work is all about art. Art is my world and that's where I live. To me what I do is modern art, and I've been doing it since 2000, spurred by my creativity and a desire to do whatever I can so I can transmit the essence of pure art. I am proud to say I have exhibited my work in a number of venues.

My art is my world to such an extent, that I turned down inheriting the family business to follow my convictions. After a long journey and difficult life experiences, society's pressures rather than destiny pushed me toward being 100% dedicated to art. I felt my happiness resided in the world of art, in uncovering the gift that I have, to fight for it, and to realize this is what I was born to do.

"As a child I developed an artistic sensitivity. One discovers how much one can give of oneself only by immersing in oneself and forgetting about everything else. It is all about being true to one's self.

"My passion for art is almost like an obsession that includes painting, sculpting, recycling, utilitarian art, woodwork, etc.

"I feel I have finally come to learn this, and there is still a lot more to learn in order to be able to contribute something to the world of art. It is infinite and mysterious, yet very exciting.

"Thank you for bringing me into this great team. I look forward to working hard and with pleasure to offer you more and more.""