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Luis Morales

Artisan Organization: Luis Morales

Country: Mexico

"I was born in a ceramic town in the state of Mexico where my family members have been artisans for generations. Their hard work and dedication have helped me with my own achievements.

"I began learning ceramics from my family when I was still a child. Today, I'm able to teach others who truly want to preserve this beautiful art.

"I create sculptures in clay and specialize in the catrinas, that fascinate me in all of their manifestations. The word catrina is widely used in Mexico to mean 'elegant and polished.' Lithographer Jose Guadalupe Posadas created the skeletal Catrina, who was later immortalized in the murals of Diego Rivera.

"I think what I like best about my work is that I can set my imagination free and let it take me where it will.

"I love combining colors and focusing on the small details in my sculptures. And this is precisely what gives my designs a special and unique touch.

"I find a lot of inspiration in the natural world surrounding me. When I'm connected to nature while working, it gives me a feeling of peace. It increases my faith in my work and in the family legacy I'm preserving.

"It's been challenging to create each of my designs, from both the creative process and the logistics process. This has led me to learn a lot on my own through every experience along the way.

"I really want to share a part of myself and my vision through my ceramics and what the represent for Mexico.""