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Artisan Organization: Lenny

Country: Bali and Java

"My name is Lenny. My formal education ended at the first year of secondary school because my foster father and mother didn't think schooling was necessary for a woman. It was not about money but an opinion that a woman doesn't need higher education as long as she is able to read and write. Being unable to continue formal studies never quenched my thirst for knowledge. I love to study from books and learn from other people. Here I am now – I can prove to the world that schooling or formal study has nothing to do with getting a better job and life, as long as we are open to something new and willing to learn and work hard.

"My interest in jewelry began in 1998. At the time I worked for a foreign designer, residing in Bali. My work was receiving, counting, weighing gemstones and making price lists. After some time, I was entrusted with some other tasks. I have had the opportunity to learn a lot of things and gain a lot of experience in creating my own designs.

"I am in love with gemstones and blessed with an artistic sense of color. I have also enjoyed meeting and working with a lot of special stone cutters, mostly from China, and talented jewelers in Bali who have given me a lot of inspiration. I love the challenge of making fashionable and artistic jewelry, elegant and suitable not only for day-to-day wear, but also for a very special occasion.

"One day, when my finances and life are stable, I will dedicate myself to finding sponsors and donors for people living in poverty, especially for those who are willing to continue school, have great potential, and talent, but are unable to reach their dream. I understand that I cannot change the world, but I can change somebody's world into a better one." "