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Laxi Handmade

Artisan Organization: Laxi Handmade

Country: Vietnam

Hey Mavens, please help us welcome Ms. Nguyen Thi Tu as a new addition to the GlobeIn family! Ms. Tu was born into a pure farming family in the Nam Dinh province of Vietnam but showed highly skilled interest in knitting baskets and bags from natural materials at a very young age. Due to her family’s rural life, she dropped out of school after finishing 7th grade in order to weave baskets to generate additional income for the family.

When Ms. Tu was old enough, she began selling her handwoven bags at a small retail market and began accepting orders from the surrounding areas. As the orders began to grow, so did her need for a facility to continue fulfilling these orders. Thus, her facility ‘Tu’s Youngest Sedge Plant’ was born, and consisted of 6-7 artisans including herself. Now, after more than 30 years of establishment, Ms. Tu now runs a facility consisting of 25-30 weavers with an additional 15-20 trained stand-by weavers for urgent orders. Ms. Tu’s master craftsmanship, expertise, and entrepreneurial spirit has made her a very successful lady amongst the nearby villagers who see her as a role model.