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Krishna and Sharda

Artisan Organization: Krishna and Sharda

Country: India

"Hello. We are Krishna and Sharda, and we're very good friends. We've teamed up to work together because we love crafts. We both have loving families and had a protective upbringing. We each began designing clothes after completing our diplomas in fashion design.

"We eventually became involved in block printing, batik and weaving fabrics in natural fibers, which are all a part of India's cultural heritage. We chose to step back from the fashion world after realizing the hardships our community artisans faced. To support the movement to promote India's crafts, we teamed up to create crafts with the theme 'tradition meets contemporary style.'

"Starting out was a big undertaking and challenging because there were so many things that we needed to establish our own workshop. At the same time, it's been an exciting journey where we've been constantly creating and learning about our rich culture. We belong to an era in which the world has become a small place where it's easier to get information and gain exposure than it was for other generations.

"We aim to reach out to more people so they can support village artisans and their handcrafted work. We create traditional crafts with contemporary designs. It is our dream to see our artisan community grow and thrive so they can earn a comfortable and sustainable living.

"Every day is a learning experience. We've learned directly from the artisans by visiting their workshops and we incorporate their ideas into our designs. We use cotton and silk, which we print with wooden blocks and batik.

"We love what we do. It is our passion and determination that encourage and motivate us. We were attracted to this art because of the colors and techniques that make each piece unique. We love experimenting with new designs.""

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