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Komang Yut

Artisan Organization: Komang Yut

Country: Bali & Java

"I was born in Celuk, a small village in Gianyar, Sukawati, Bali. My parents gave me the name Ni Nyoman Pemiluwati, but my friends and family called me Komang Yut. My father was a silver artisan who had his own workshop, and my mother was a supporting wife who loves her family. My parents have four children, and I am the second youngest. When I was a kid, I always played in my fatherβ€šΓ„Γ΄s workshop, until one day my finger got badly trapped in one of the silver tools. The scar remains there even today.

"I love my sisters and brother. My older sisters taught me to help my father when he worked. They taught me to be helpful in anything I could do. So I helped them with cleaning the gemstones, choosing the best gemstones, and also cleaning and packing the finished jewelry. I loved working in the workshop, but my parents told me that I needed to finish my education. I went to college in Denpasar and got a degree in accounting. When I was 20, my father trusted me to handle our store at an exhibition in Japan.

"I married a very kind man. We married in 2003, and the first time I got pregnant was a tough time. That was during the first bomb explosion in Bali. Everything was difficult back then; many of our plans had to be postponed and even canceled. But my husband always said that we cannot surrender, and need to keep inventing. And from then on, my husband and I made many designs and archived them. When things got better, we made the designs into great pieces of silver jewelry.

"Being a mother and a wife is not easy, but I love it. Sometimes my family annoys me, but most of the time they cheer me up, and they are the reason why I have come this far. Now we have two daughters and one son. I am happy as a mother who can raise three children from the silver business. We keep the working situation friendly and full of laughs. My helpers know they can joke around sometimes, and even my husband and I joke and talk with them. But when they work, they work seriously to make sure the quality of their work is high.

"Many of my neighbors worked with Novica before me, and they told me that Novica treats them as a fair partner and the workers are also kind. I hope Novica will give its customers more choices in choosing silver jewelry. And I hope I can always keep up the quality of my work so that customers are always satisfied with my silver." "