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Ketut Udiana

Artisan Organization: Ketut Udiana

Country: Bali and Java

"My name is Ketut Udiana. I was born in Celuk Village in 1970. The majority of the population in Celuk Village is silversmiths who still use the traditional method. It makes me proud to be born in this village. My father was an elementary school teacher and also a silversmith, while my mother is a goldsmith. I started working at the age of 15. Almost every day I would see my parents making silver jewelry. It made me interested in pursuing this field. It is undeniable that the silver craft business with elements of Balinese traditional art is very popular. I also get satisfaction if I produce silver crafts that can be enjoyed by many people.

"I am married, and my wife is also into silversmithing. She designs and develops it herself. This makes me feel like we can work well together in managing this business. My children, who have started to grow up, have also started to know this business.

"I experienced financial difficulties when my wife and I were expecting our first child. We had no money at all. But at that time, a customer from Switzerland bought our crafts. We are very grateful for God's gift at that time. In business, we must dare to try, because by trying there is a possibility to succeed. Meanwhile, if you don't try, you will surely fail.

"The hammering process has been the most challenging of all the designs I have because it looks easy and trivial but requires caution and patience. Almost all the designs I produce are my own, all inspired by everyday life. Together with 5 workers (2 women, and 3 men), I divide the tasks based on the quality of their work. Jewelry designs and silver crafts from Bali will always have their characteristics. They have certain patterns and motifs that are closely related to Balinese culture. For now, the combination of a hammered finish and traditional Balinese motifs is the hallmark of my designs.

"I hope that in the future Novica can become a bridge between my work and other silversmiths. I got to know Novica from my wife, Made Sugi, one of the jewelry artisans at Novica. I hope my designs can be better known and liked in the world." "

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