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Ketut Mudika

Artisan Organization: Ketut Mudika

Country: Bali & Java

"My name is I Ketut Mudika. I am the son of a farmer. My childhood was spent in the fields, helping my father with farming and also taking care of our livestock. When I was a teenager I liked to play with kites. At that time I had to make my own kites; my brother taught me how to make a kite. When I finished high school, I tried to sell kites to tourists in Bali.

"I am married. My wife, apart from being a housewife, also helps me make kites. I have also been blessed with one son and one daughter. My two children are a source of happiness as well as new responsibilities because I have to struggle for the future success of my children. At the beginning of my marriage, I went through difficult times economically. But I did not give up and believed that the future would be bright. I am proud of myself for having made it through. My wife and I have always been strong and have fought to keep going.

"I have had many funny and exciting experiences when selling kites. Sometimes there are buyers who ask a lot of questions about materials and other things. I can't answer them, because I can't speak English. The answers I give sometimes make my customers laugh. I always feel happy when a customer gives a sketch of the kite they want, and I can make a kite according to the customer's expectations.

"Kites are already well-known as a traditional pastime. Even in Bali, they are often contested in big events. I hope that kites from Bali will become more famous in the world when I market them through Novica." "

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