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Artisan Organization: Ketut Jagrasunu

Country: Indonesia

"My name is Ketut Jagrasunu. I was born in Buleleng in 1962. Buleleng is a city located in the north of the island of Bali. I don't know much about my homeland, because when I was 3 years old I moved to Blahbatuh Village, Gianyar. Blahbatuh Village is very beautiful, with many people pursuing various handicrafts. I was born to parents who are both teachers. Apart from being teachers, they are also gold jewelry craftsmen. Since childhood, I have been accustomed to seeing both parents make jewelry and many workers who work at home.

"I like dancing and exercising to keep my body and mind healthy. I am married and have one daughter. I am the head of a family and am responsible for my wife and children. That's why I always work hard to make them happy. I have faced various difficulties in life, but all of that paid off when my daughter managed to study at the University of Indonesia, one of the best universities in Indonesia. Now my daughter is independent and working in Jakarta. That is a satisfaction for me. All beginnings are difficult, therefore I never give up trying new things because I know that I will face difficulties in every new thing that I will go through.

"My designs are mostly inspired by flowers and leaves and I combine them with traditional Balinese motifs. I am directly involved in the workers' design and division of labor. Balinese jewelry designs can be said to participate in preserving Balinese culture because they always Balinese feature motifs and carvings in their designs. My designs have a minimalist character but still always feature Balinese ornaments in their designs.

"As a hard worker who never gives up, I am always eager to find information about media that can help me promote my products. That is how I found which I read could help small craftsmen like me. Hopefully, in the future, my craft can develop and have a wider market.""