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Ken Edwards Workshop

Artisan Organization: Ken Edwards Workshop

Country: Mexico

The Ken Edwards KE workshop near Guadalajara was a pioneer in introducing stoneware ceramics to this part of Mexico in the 1960s. Over the decades, his exquisite hand-painted decorative designs and tableware won a loyal following and received many awards. Some are also part of the permanent collection in the National Museum of Ceramics. His designs feature a pale blue-grey background that hosts his decorative artistry.

The clay mixture is known as "931 High." This refers to the number of tests carried out to achieve a mix that can be reduction fired at 1350 degrees C, thus completely eliminating any lead and giving the fired piece a sleek, glossy finish.

Edwards' knowledge and skill can be seen in each handmade stoneware design. Molds are made to ensure uniform sizes in his tableware. Other designs are shaped on the potter's wheel. They are left to dry before the first firing, which is called bisque.

They are then meticulously painted by hand with motifs designed by Joel and Ricardo, who have worked with Ken Edwards their entire professional lives. They work within carefully-defined parameters using colors and glazes with formulas developed there in the workshop.

Once the lovely bird and flower motifs are painted, the ceramics are fired a final time, again at 1350 degrees C, which gives them a beautiful shine."