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Juan and Lorensa

Artisan Organization: Juan and Lorensa

Country: Mexico

"We are ceramic artisans from the highlands of Chiapas. Friends say we're hardworking, kind and very creative.

"We once attended a conference and realized this is what we'd like to do. Also, we already knew how to work with clay — our grandparents taught us. Today, we're teaching our own daughters in the workshop we set up in our home.

"We had to stop working in the fields in order to focus our time and energy on the workshop. It was a good decision. We like everything about this art – it lets us express our feelings. Our inspiration comes from nature and all the beauty that surrounds us… flowers, trees, animals and more.

"We started working for ourselves out of necessity. Between the two of us, we coordinate the entire crafting process. We agree that the greatest challenge is combining colors. The process is painstaking as we mix the clay, shape it, paint it and fire it in a rustic wood-burning kiln.

"Our dream is for our ceramics to sell regularly and reach more shoppers who appreciate the value of our work.""

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