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Jenny Loaiza

Artisan Organization: Jenny Loaiza

Country: Central America

"Hello; my name is Jenny Loaiza Guerrero. I was born in 1973; a proud Costa Rican. I am the youngest of 8 siblings. I spent my childhood in the capital of Costa Rica, San José, where I practiced sports. My mother was an artist in fashion design. I can remember that when I was very little she took me to fashion shows. She also had a group of folk dances for children, so I can say that I inherited art from my mother. She is my great example to follow.

"I am a designer by profession, specifically in handmade jewelry. In 2014, as a result of depression, I had to practice some manual activity different from what I normally did in my profession. I chose handmade jewelry because I could personalize each piece with my essence and I could make the most of my creativity. Jewelry became my passion and my zone of genius; not only designing and making but also teaching this beautiful art to other women. I have a phrase with which I identify: "the hands heal the soul".

"The first piece that I made was the door to personal freedom. I still have it. They are very simple earrings and today I see them with many imperfections, but they are beautiful if I see them with the eyes of my heart. They are part of this beginning; they are part of my history.

"I currently have 8 years in this craft, and I not only have a personal brand, but I am also a teacher. I consider myself a resilient, empowered person because today I can tell my story without pain. My depression was due to domestic violence that I experienced in the past, and I had not gone through a proper healing process. That triggered chronic insomnia and panic attacks. But art and self-love made me move forward.

"One of my dreams is to make myself known as a designer and teacher internationally and to tell my personal story to help many women get out of violence and depression. Most of my students are women, which is why I like to teach comprehensively so that each class becomes a therapy of mutual help.

"Behind all this, there is my family, which is my support, my strength. I also belong to an association of artisan women, who are my second family. In addition to jewelry, I love working with wood. Another facet in my life is giving workshops with recycled wood, which we call "A Second Chance".

"This is my story, which I continue to write with a lot of enthusiasm, but above all with a lot of self-love. Today I know that dreams become reality when they stop being a dream and turn into action. Everything is possible if your main partner is God. Today I am deeply grateful to Him for the opportunities He has put in my path. It allows me to take my art and my essence to so many parts of the world with products made with a lot of love and dedication." "