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Javier Ramirez

Artisan Organization: Javier Ramirez

Country: Mexico

"I have worked in ceramic art for some time. I find it enchanting to work in a way that allows you to be yourself, where you work with your abilities and talents. I especially enjoy the possibility to create infinitely. In fact, I remember on one occasion, we created a tree of life inspired by the famous television series El Chavo del Ocho.

"I love the tradition of trees of life and power, specifically those from the pre-Hispanic era during the evangelization of the Olmec villages. This was the time when the pagan gods were replaced by the new Christian saints.

"It is an exciting challenge to continue creating colorful designs that reflect those beautiful traditions that characterize us as a nation, such as the trees of life from Metepec in Mexico State, as well as those of Matamoros and Acatlan in Puebla. In previous times, these trees of life were used in religious rituals, and they were considered traditional gifts for recently married couples because they represent fertility and an abundant harvest. However, now the majority of them are made with commercial intent.

"During the creative process, each piece is made by hand. We dig the clay from our Mexican soil. After we knead and shape it, the objects we craft are left to dry in the outdoors. Then, we fire them in the kiln and finish them with paints and decorative elements.

"I work with the support of my family members, who also love this wonderful artisanal activity, which is my source of inspiration for my daily work. I want to leave my mark on this beautiful tradition and, in this way, teach my children the value of doing what inspires you.""

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