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Artisan Organization: Jamriang

Country: Central America

"I am Jamriang Pookintah, from Lamphun, born on 3 July, 1967. My name, Jamriang, means 'radiance and progress,' perhaps my name marked my destiny? I am married and have two daughters. We live in a warm family environment where I can always count on my mother when I need cheering up. My father has passed away.

"I had always planned on leading a quiet life at home, taking care of my mother and then my children. Then I met my husband and my life changed! His family worked with cotton textiles, and they invited me to join. I learned all that I could and found myself enjoying it. I never thought this would have been possible – I don't even have a college degree!

"However, I have always enjoyed dressing up and designing, so it really was a good opportunity for me. It also meant I could help my relatives and eventually more people from my village.

"When I was younger I had envisioned a traditional lifestyle for me, staying at home and nothing fancy. My husband changed all of that, and we have a better lifestyle than what I had thought possible. It was a great challenge for me, but he believed in me and encouraged me. With my husband's support, I felt brave enough to try new things and meet new people. Now, I love my work and dedicate my free time to my family.

"My designs are suited for a modern lifestyle, though they are rich with Thai traditions and culture, such as classic paintings or flowers. I'm proud of my designs because I have seen how people take to them and like them. Your satisfaction inspires me to constantly create new designs.

"My goal would be to one day show the world my designs. I've tried it on my own, but it was quite a challenge trying to figure out other countries' market. I would love it if, one day, my apparel and accessories become well-known internationally, and people everywhere used my designs. Thai cotton is of good quality and what we create here is as good as that of any industrial country.

"I consider myself to be quite a lively person, and this I transmit through my designs. The patterns are energetic and the cotton textures are soft. Thank you for helping my display my products to the world.""