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House of El Salvador Artisans

Artisan Organization: House of El Salvador Artisans

Country: El Salvador

"We are a cooperative association of artisans working in ceramics, wood, metal, and silk-screen. We have experience in creating decorative and utilitarian designs characterized by their innovation," Keysi Rivera says. We combine the materials, culture, and traditions of our villages with details that add a friendly and functional touch to any space.

"We are 15 artisans comprised of nine men and six women in El Salvador. Our town is known as a ceramics village that has worked in clay for hundreds of years. We are a new generation of artisans with experience in the area. We are seven young entrepreneurial and creative artisans, as well as eight artisans with more than 20 years of experience.

"Our objective is to promote and exalt our artisanal riches while furthering the social and economic development of our artisans and youth. In addition, we are creating an atmosphere that encourages and strengthens teamwork and fair trade.""