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Hitesh Solanki

Artisan Organization: Hitesh Solanki

Country: India

"Hi friends, I am Hitesh from Jodhpur, Rajasthan. I was born in 1972. I am a very social and artistic person and an ardent lover of nature.

"Since my childhood days, I have been very fond of art. Once I fractured my right hand and the next day I had to attend an art & drawing competition. I participated and completed my activity with my left hand and came in second, which motivated me and helped me to discover my inner artist. Subsequently, I won many competitions & exhibitions. I thought of making the best out of waste, which will help our environment too. So I used my creativity and efforts to get the best out of it.

"One of my senior art teachers guided me to learn this art form. I also started teaching at a very young age to students just one year younger than me in private schools. A few years back, I started my own workshop with a team of five members to work closely with artisans and learn from their roots, using their skills in the best directions.

"Nature is my inspiration. We use reclaimed and easy-to-recycle materials to create our products. My favorite thing about my art is the combination of recycled waste and modern machines along with traditional handwork.

"I need skilled people to learn and master this art and keep it alive. I hope and wish to teach as many students as I can with my skills, creativity and experience. I also plan to explore all traditional art forms and use them in the modern world using the best recycled materials. All my team members are eligible for fixed employment which helps them to provide a stable life for their families and education for their children. Every year we participate in the IHGF and INDIA EXPO MART exhibition." "