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Hilda Padilla

Artisan Organization: Hilda Padilla

Country: Central America

Hilda Padilla is a Costa Rican artisan who works in macramé. "I learned this art in 2011 when my mother took a course in it. She taught me her new skills.

"For many years, my parents worked with pita fiber. When the plant closed, we needed to find another kind of work so we could bring home some money. I began making handicrafts at home to help. Sometime later, I learned to sew and added this technique to my designs.

"In our community, there are no jobs to be had. Today, I teach macramé to many local homemakers and this gives them a way to earn a supplemental income for their day-to-day expenses. This gives me great satisfaction. I can share my skills and do something for others. Macramé also lets me help my parents out when they need it and today my family is my inspiration and my motivation.

"I've had some very tough moments, like my son leaving me in 2009. I haven't been able to see him because he is with his father. My deepest longing is to see him again.

"I hope to be able to support myself economically and pray that God will grant me opportunities to work. My macramé tells a story. Each design is inspired by my love for my children and the beauty of Costa Rica. I also dream of seeing my community prosper and for all of us to get ahead through this work that we love. Sharing my designs with you is a small step but one that I believe will bring many blessings and open new doors.""