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Hifdzur Rahman

Artisan Organization: Hifdzur Rahman

Country: Bali & Java

"My name is Hifdzur Rahman. I was born in 1996 in Singaraja Bali. However, I grew up in Sumenep, East Java. Sumenep Regency is famous for its beautiful small islands including Gili Iyang which is known as the "island of oxygen". However, it turns out that apart from its natural beauty, Sumenep also has interesting historical destinations to explore. In Sumenep there is a palace that is famous for its unique architecture.

"I was born in a simple family, which made me become a hard worker. I started a small-scale handicraft business by marketing it through the local market. This craft is in great demand by foreign guests visiting or living in Bali. They usually see the ads I post on my social media and buy them right away. I started by renting a simple house in the middle of Denpasar City. One room I use specifically to store my stock of goods, and the other room I use for a place to live. Now it's getting full, and hopefully, in the future, I can rent a bigger place.

"I hope that with my cooperation with Novica I can market this craft product to a wider market because I also empower the craftsmen in the villages to stay productive. So if I can make a wider impact, it will help not only myself but also others." "