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Hari Pitoyo

Artisan Organization: Hari Pitoyo

Country: Bali and Java

"Years ago, I used to live in a Muslim boarding school, away from my parents, and was taught to always be patient when dealing with any problem. I believe this ability to be patient is what underscores my ability to be dedicated to the painstaking nature of crafting wood mats.

"I was born in Banyuwangi, East Java on 13 April 1977, I come from a humble family and I have three younger sisters. Those who know me say I'm a funny, patient and generous man. I am married but don’t have children and I love sports, especially soccer.

"A friend taught me how to work with wood, and at first I found it challenging recognizing each type of tool and when to use it. But I never gave up, I continued to learn more and more. I was finally to craft these mats on my own, which encouraged me to try creating my designs. I am inspired by our rich cultural legacies and our environment. I always get a certain sense of satisfaction when many customers say they like my designs.

"I craft the wood rugs and mats only with the help of my wife. We both work with manual tools, and the materials we use are sono wood, teak and nylon string. My wife and I prefer to work with woods left over from furniture manufacturers rather than using new materials.

"I hope this association with Novica will be a good start of mutual cooperation as people from around the world get to know my products." "