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Hapy Hari

Artisan Organization: Hapy Hari

Country: Bali and Java

"Hello. I’m Ni Komang Happy Hari and I was born in Bali in 1994. My parents craft silver jewelry and I feel very fortunate to have been born and raised in a village of artisans.

"People know me as a happy, diligent and disciplined woman. I also enjoy Balinese dancing. I played in the rice fields with my classmates a lot when I was young. At school, I considered myself careful since I rarely broke the school rules and worked hard to earn a university scholarship.

"When I was 16, I began helping my parents craft and add motifs to their silver jewelry. I also helped them polish and smooth the pieces they created. I guess it's natural that I've always had a heart for working with silver.

"Once, when I didn't have money to pay for my university tuition, I found things very tough. Luckily, I earned a scholarship and was able to continue my studies.

"Even though I'm still pretty young, I've learned that problems aren't really problems — they are just obstacles or phases for us to overcome to become stronger and more mature.

"I'm grateful that my parents were the ones to teach me to craft silver and helped me become a silversmith. They also help design the pieces, which are based on circular motifs that are sometimes combined with gold plates derived from Balinese canang offerings.""