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Guadalupe Navarro

Artisan Organization: Guadalupe Navarro

Country: Mexico

“Hello! I am Guadalupe Navarro. Our tenangos are embroideries that tell the story of the indigenous communities of the Sierra Otomi Tepehua, in the state of Hidalgo.

“The joy in the colors of the Otomi embroidery has great cultural weight. They are embroideries that express, through their colors and images, the diversity that exists in the state of Hidalgo. In each of their pieces, our artisans from Tulancingo de Bravo express their states of mind, transmitting in each colorful figure the identity and virtue of our state.

“It is also a tradition that is transmitted from generation to generation; it requires practicing and practicing to become an expert. All the pieces are born from a drawing created by the imagination of each craftsman, so each embroidery is unique. In each characteristic design, we can find different birds, flowers and animals with different colors that create cheerful scenes of our community.

“Our culture and traditions have always been a matter of importance, and, in turn, of concern, for preserving our traditions and that the world knows the meaning of this art. It goes beyond being a decorative product, which you can use to decorate your home. It is our history; it is the identity of our community, the beauty of our Mexico made by hand in its entirety, with hours and days for its elaboration by our great artisans.

“Finally, I want the value of our work to be appreciated for all that it represents in each piece.”"