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GlobeIn - Oaxaca Basket Weavers

Artisan Organization:GlobeIn - Oaxaca Basket Weavers


As the container for each month’s collection of global goods, the palm leaf basket forms the very foundation of the GlobeIn Artisan Box. On a deeper level, our collaboration with the group of Oaxacan weavers responsible for making the baskets represents the spiritual foundation of our mission to build lasting relationships with artisans from around the world. Speaking of foundations, Marina and her husband Leobardo serve as the cornerstone of our formative Oaxaca partnership. Marina has worked with us since the beginning, and today she and her husband oversee over fifty weavers from three different villages. As a result of their sustained work with GlobeIn, this dynamic husband-wife team has been able to expand what was once a light-less one-room home into a real house, complete with separate kitchen and workspace, as well as windows and doors. "